12 Alarming sign and symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency

12 Alarming sign and symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency

by Jigar Parmar on Jan 22, 2023

About 330 billion cells are replaced daily in our body. This new cells are requires vitamin b12 for DNA synthesis, and if this requirement of vitamin b12 is not full-filled by our body, the new cells are not produced and serious illness will be occurred shortly.

Some of alarming sign and symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency are here which will help you to diagnose your early vitamin b12 deficiency are given below … let’s see ! General symptoms are these symptoms, in which person have sensation of unwellness to himself as a whole exp. “ I “ am weak, “ i “ feel feverish today, “ i “ am shivering, “ i “ can’t smell or taste etc.

Physical symptoms are at body level as a sign/symptoms acordingly.

1. Pale or yellow tone to the skin and white of the eye: 

Pale or yellow tone to the skin and white of the eye

  • Vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to a type of anaemia called “ megaloblastic anaemia “, in which the red blood cells are large and fragile.
  • The fragile red blood cells break down causing an excess of bilirubin – slightly brown or red coloured substance that is produced by the liver when old blood cells are broken down.
  • This is what gives the skin and white of the eyes a yellow small mark or tone.

2. Tiredness and Weakness:

Tiredness and Weakness

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to tiredness and weakness. Vitamin B12 deficiency decreases red blood cells production which directly causes oxygen deficiency.
  • An oxygen requirements are not met in body and it leads to fatigue, megaloblastic anaemia, and impaired DNA synthesis, overall whole body weakness.

3. Loss of appetite:

Loss of appetite

  • People doesn't know that some of basic symptoms like a fever, appetite, uneasiness are initial symptoms which are mainly felt by person, They warns you. that you having some complaint in your body.
  • Just like that, decreased or loss of appetite - suggest us to something is going wrong in our body.

4. Frequent headaches:

Frequent headaches

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency causes headaches. One study found that people with a history of migraines showed vitamin B12 deficiency.
  • Research also suggests that vitamin B12 levels in the blood may be maintained in headaches so it is often prescribed along with migraine medication.

5. Muscle weakness:

Muscle weakness

  • Lack of vitamin B12 and insufficient oxygenation to muscles can result in sluggishness and uncharacteristic muscle weakness exp. Calf muscle pain during sleep.
  • Due to this People are unable to do daily physical work which they are used to do.

6. Anemia :


  • Decreased haemoglobin level in blood due to impaired new red blood cell formation.
  • Red blood cells having life cycle of 120 days, after 120 days it will die. So body is maintaining normal range of Rbc - 4 to 5 million/mcL by regenerating new blood cells but it requires vitamin b12
  • If you have vitamin b12 deficiency your red blood cell count will decrease, and you will have symptoms of anamia like a dizziness, shortness of breath, coldness of feet and hand, headache etc.

{ MENTAL symptoms }
Mental symptoms are at mind level ( will, emotion, memory and sensation)

7. Pins and Needles Sensation on hands or feet:

Pins and Needles Sensation on hands or feet

  • Vitamin B12 is directly related to neuronal cell development and impulse conduction.
  • People with vitamin B12 deficiency experience pins and needles sensation in the hands and feet.
  • Vitamin B12 is required for myelin sheath formation in nerve cells which acts as a protective coating and transmits signals.
  • In the vitamin B12 deficiency, the myelin sheath formation is affected and may damage nerve cells which leads to peripheral neuropathy and parenthesis.

8. Brain Fog and Difficulty in Concentration :

Brain Fog and Difficulty in Concentration

  • Poor concentration is a typical sign of nutrient deficiency and also caused by inadequate amounts of oxygen in the brain.
  • The person may have a hard time finding the right word while speaking or often forgetting things after keeping it someplace …do you feel so ??
  • The symptoms can be long-term or short-term, depending on the complexity. If it’s initial phase or due to nutritive deficiency it can be reversible !

9. Depression :


  • As discussed, Vitamin B12 maintains the nervous system health.Deficiency can directly affect mental health and may lead to depression.
  • A low level of vitamin B12 can increase sulphur-containing amino acids, homocysteine.
  • High levels of homocysteine increases oxidative stress, which is directly related to depression. Maintaining a healthy level of vitamin B12 is thus required for good mental health.


10. Changeable mood irritability :

Changeable mood irritability

  • Irritability has been emerge due to the brain chemical homocysteine and condition such as anaemia.
  • Vitamin b12 helps to break down homocysteine. Without adequate vitamin B12 in the body, homocysteine is thought to build up in the brain and may cause mental health problems, such as irritability.

11. Memory loss (dementia ): 

Memory loss

  • Memory loss in vitamin b12 deficiency is out come of poormyelination of nerve cells. Vitamin b12 helps to nourish nerve cell thus replacement therapy may be an option to improve patient cognitive suffering such as memory loss.

12. Mouth ulintegrity.er sore ) & glossitis/stomatitis ( redness of mouth and tongue ):

  • Such conditions mainly occurred due to triggering/damaging cause or nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin b12, folic acid, iron, zinc.
  • Epithelial cell layer such as the inside of the mouth are required suficent nourishment by vitamins to maintain their integrity and health.

13. Disturbed vision :

And also erectile disfunction and infertility , incontinence of urine and stool

Conclusion :

Vitamin b12 deficiency cousing maze of symptoms and frquently miss diagnosed with other helth condtions such as, sever anemia, psycosis,