vitamin b12 deficiency medication shown in image

List of 5 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Medication

by Saurabh Patel on Dec 07, 2022

As we know !

The Doctor prescribe’s us a medicine to get well soon However, medicines also brings some side effects in our body

This Medicinal side effects depends upon various factors, but let’s discuss about this two factors :

1) Due to drug effects on specific body system

2) Due to mode of taking medicine in our body

And Look , those are medicines which are acting on given body system !

1) PPI's & h2-receptor antagonist,
Antacid - liquids or tablets,
Laxatives & constipation relief combinations.

Acting on the digestive system ( stomach & intestine )


2) Metformin.

Acting on the endocrine system ( pancreas )

3) Aspirin.




Acting on the cardiovascular system ( blood & heart )

And, this is most common mode of taking a medicines :

Oral (by mouth)

Parenteral (through injections i.v. i.m. )

Inhale ( by nose)

One of the commonest way to take medicine is Oral route I mean intake by Mouth

When you take medicine by mouth ,

The medicine passes through digestive system and is absorbed in the stomach or the intestine by - The innermost mucosal epithelial cell layer

These, epithelial cell layers are making

  • Pits in the stomach

    which have parietal cells ( secretes gastric juice pepsin ) & chief cells (secretes HCL & intrinsic factor)

  • Villi (micro-villi) in Intestine

    epithelial structure fold which increases absorption by increasing surface area

Intake by mouth is most common way to take medicines like a PPI's & h2-receptor antagonist,
Antacid- liquids or tablets,
Laxatives & constipation relief combinations,

& they causses -

  • Inflammatory irritation & Pain
  • Decreased Gastric Secretions & Indigestion
  • Gastritis & Malabsorption
  • Structural damage & Internal Bleeding

Nowadays , its too important to have knowledge about such routine medicines that we takes frequently Without prescriptions ….

U have to know about this 5 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Medication which are given below

1. PPI's & h2-receptor antagonist :

PPI's & h2-receptor antagonist

This medicine is used for treat your complain of acidity by decreasing gastric Juice secretions and it will gives you relief from chest burning in acidity .

But, Due to decreased gastric juice, you will suffer from indigestion of food

Because of food particles will not be digested properly and ingested bacteria with food will be not killed by HCL & they consume indigested food & produces gas and causes infections.

( this gas will be released by burping or farting frequently with bad smells )

Due to these infections ( h-pylori bacterial infection ) – Gastritis occurs and mucosal cell layer will be damaged .

Particularly in the case of vitamin b12, vitamin b12 firstly must be separated from the protein and have to be available in the free form to absorb in the intestine,

But, it will not happen due to taking PPI's continuously for a long time, hence , vitamin b12 absorption decreases & serum vitamin b12 level drops down from a normal range of 200 pg/ml.

2. Antacid - Liquids or Tablets :


This medicines are made up of heavy metal ions ( Al , Ca ) and strong base

Which are causing -

  • nausea and vomiting with headache
  • leads to constipation
  • abdominal cramps ( pain )
  • flatulence
  • osteopenia (loss of bone mineral density )
  • osteomalacia ( softening of bone )

Which are responsible for malabsorption of food and the food becomes too heavy to digest in gut

Antacids neutralizes acid in stomach and you will get instant relief from burning in stomach but it will causes indigestion of food and food will stay for long time in stomach and causing pain , nausea and vomiting

Due to long time use of antacids your bone will become soft and fragile, complaint of chronic constipation will be occurred .

All these gastric complain will be decreases vitamin b12 absorption .

3. Laxatives, combinations for Constipation relief:


These laxative combinations made up of mineral oil ( liquid paraffin ) and high weight molecules which makes food too heavy to digest in gut

the intestine becomes irritated & can't maintain normal water - salt level in the intestine lumen thus, more water & salt will be loose from the body through the gut.

this will soften the stool & relieves complaint of constipation by easy defecation ( removal of stool )

but, due to irritation of the intestinal mucosal layer, loss of water and salts ( bile salts (pitta) & na, k, etc )

it will causses –

  • abdominal pain
  • bloating and gas
  • mal-absorption
  • severe weakness and dizziness ,

and this will surely Leeds mal-absorption of vitamin b12 too and vitamin b12 deficiency occurs in our body.

4. Metformin :

diabetes mellites is a chronic disease condition and once the diagnosis has been done, most probably - lifetime medication you have to be continued.

doctors are treating diabetes with most basic medication - metformin for maintain normal body sugar levels in the body but, who took this medicine for longer time and in high doses eventually founds increased homocysteine level & decreased serum vitamin b12 level , and it proves the true cellular vitamin b12 deficiency in diabetic patient who is taking metformin .

5. Aspirin :

This is one of common drug used as an pain reliver from headache ( analgesic ) and for make blood thinner to prevent the complication of cardiovascular diseases ( exp high blood pressure, blood infections, myocardial infarction )

Aspirin having a bad effect on the gastric mucosal layer & they destroys it badly ..

Due to damage of layer, parietal & chief cells also dies And because of this intrinsic factor is not available for absorption of vitamin b12, hence vitamin b12 levels in the body will be decreased.

Conclusion :

Common medicines which are peoples are taking routinely surely interfere with vitamin b12 absorption in the body ,We are not taking it seriously so along with such medicines we have to take vitamin b12 supplements or diet for maintain our health .